Dielle Round 70 Up (Authorised Dealer Only)

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Dielle Combustion System

Dielle has developed and patented a combustion system that is unique. In a Dielle stove the pellets are fed into the burner from below by means of stainless steel screws controlled by a microprocessor which avoids any clogging issues and promotes constant and uniform combustion over time. As a result of this innovative system feeing the fuel from below Dielle stoves make it possible to obtain a stable, more natural flame comparable to that of a traditional wood burning stove.

Why Choose Dielle?

Natural Flame: The patented Dielle combustion system guarantees a more natural lazy flame compared to the short harsh flame of other brands.

Efficient: During the transfer of the combustion chamber, pellets are preheated and dried to optimise combustion.

Quiet: Unique design of the pellet distribution system reduces noise.

Practical: Bottom feeding of the pellets into the combustion chamber causes tje natural automatic expulsion of ash residues, therefore requiring less maintenance and cleaning vs other brands.

Reliability: The Dielle combustion system is less sensitive than other brands, meaning it requires less maintenance over time.

The Dielle Round 70 Up pellet stove offers an elegant design with painted steel cladding.


  • LCD Display
  • Daily Temperature Management
  • Sliding Glass Top

Optional Extra:

  • D-Connect App Management


Output Range 2.5 – 8.0kW
Flue Top
Burn Time (@5kW/hr) 16hrs
Flue Diameter 80mm
Dimensions Ø590mm x 1140 (h)